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When will my order ship? 

  • In stock items will usually ship within a few days. Large format prints are not typically in stock (18x24"+). Such prints can take an additional week or two to ship. All prints are created at a local artisan shop in Montana, each is meticulously trimmed, hand packaged, and often printed just for you. If you are experiencing an unusually long delay since your order was placed, please send us an email at

I made an error when typing my address!! Can you correct it?

  • Thank you for noticing!! If you see any discrepancies with your order, let us know right away. Your address is the only thing we can alter once the order has been placed. If your order is returned to us because of an error on the address provided, you will be responsible for paying for the re-shipment of the items.

  • When the order does ship AND we have been in contact with you, your emailed invoice will still show the incorrect address. Know that if we have corresponded your order will be shipped to the correct address that you provided through email.

I ordered stickers- will you provide me with a tracking number?

  • Stickers (excluding the "All the Stickers" 28 Pack) do not come with a tracking number. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. All other orders include a tracking number, including international orders.

I am in town/ live in town- can I come pick up my order in person? 

I need my item(s) ASAP- can they be rushed?

  • We do not offer rush shipping, but in stock items often ship within a few days. Please allow for 5-10 business day for your package to arrive. Larger prints and out of stock prints can take more time to arrive as each item is made to order. If an item you wish to order is out of stock, let us know and we will do what we can to have it printed swiftly.

How will you ship my print? 

  • Small to medium format prints (6x8" up to 12x18") will come packaged in a crystal clear bag with 100% recycled cardboard backing. Prints are carefully encased in thick rigid cardboard then sealed in a 100% recycled padded paper mailer. Larger format prints (18x24'+) come rolled in a cardboard tube. Stickers are shipped in a flat mailer. In the instance that your item is damaged during shipping, let us know.

I didn't receive all of my items, when will the other(s) arrive?

  • Some items will occasionally ship separately, as some items must be re stocked according to the availability of materials and those who create them. This includes prints, wallets, and stickers.

My order was not fulfilled, but my card was charged- can you fix this?

  • In the off chance that occurs, send us an email and we confirm that the order has indeed not gone through on our end. In this instance, please contact your credit card company to resolve the charge. I recommend using PayPal as it is much more reliable and efficient form of payment. Our team is working on a solution for this occasional occurence.


What does Gicleé mean? 

  • Gicleé refers to the printing process that utilizes archival inks. It refers to the technology of an inkjet printer that creates reproduction of artwork or photography using a high-quality printer to make individual copies. Your print should last 100

Where do you get your prints/ hats/ wallets/ stickers made?

  • My PRINTS are made by a friend in Montana. He is not taking on any new clients at this time. My HATS are made by CIRQUE MOUNTAIN APPAREL. My WALLETS are made in Utah by ROAM PRODUCTS. My STICKERS are printed through STICKER MULE. My neck tubes are made by BLACKSTRAP.

When will _____*item*______ be back in stock?

  • Prints that are out of stock can be back within 1-10 days. All hats are limited edition, so once they are gone, they are gone forever! Wallets take about a week to two weeks to return, if requested. Face mask take up to 6 weeks, and some styles will be discontinued. Please email us if a particular print or other product you'd like is out of stock!

How do I buy an original? 

  • If you are interested in buying an original, please read the description to see if it is available through Rachel Pohl Art or through Altitude Gallery Bozeman. Contact or visit the gallery for a list of available pieces, or online at Watercolor originals are all in stock unless otherwise noted. I am only able to take on a handful of commissions each year but I hope we can work on your special project together!

Will you sign my print? 

  • I am no longer able to sign prints as I am often gone for my travels and no longer handle prints myself. Thank you for understanding!! Some limited edition prints will come signed in the future.


Do you ship internationally? 

  • Yes! I ship to the whole world. Additional charges, such as import fees, may be required to pick up your package from your local post office. I have a Canadian shipping option, and an International option. If you live anywhere outside of the US or Canada, please select that option at checkout.

  • Once your order has shipped and a tracking number has been provided, it is your responsibility to pay import taxes and fees. These are specific to the country you live in. Please review these by google searching the import laws for the country in which you reside.


I emailed you- why have I not heard back yet? 

  • Emails are not my strong point. I am often out of town for 10 day to two week trips, sometimes several per month. During those times I have limited or no internet access or service. I try my best to get back to you, but it can be overwhelming when I come back from a trip and have hundreds of emails piled up! Please double check to see if your question can be answered in this list of FAQs. If you haven't heard back from me within a few weeks, do follow up. Thank you!

Will you help me on my journey to become a professional artist? 

  • I wish with my whole heart that I could personally respond to all of your individual questions about how I became an artist! However I simply don't have the bandwidth to do so. I am constantly posting on Instagram about such things and I am able to reach a lot of people that way. I am working on either a blog post or a new product that is essentially an inexpensive digital packet detailing some tips on how to become a professional artist. If you would be interested in such a packet, let me know! Until then, please follow along on my Instagram where I do share a lot of heartfelt thoughts and tales about my journey.

Can you tell me a bit more about your path as an artist?

  • My bio has more information about who I am and what I believe in! Under the Media tab there are also articles and interviews with the answers to questions about my career! The short version is that I am from Montana, went to school here, and spend my time in the mountains and pushing myself as an artist. My intention in the coming decades is to focus more on environmental and conservation based projects that inspire real change. Thank you for your interest in me and my work!

Are you interested in being an ambassador for our brand? 

  • At this time I am not taking on any new partnerships that do not fit my personal brand perfetly. Thank you so much for understanding and I do appreciate your interest in collaborating very much.

Can I speak with you in person about art?

  • I cannot come meet you in person but I am in the process of developing some classes. More soon!


I received my item(s), may I exchange it/them for something different? 

  • We cannot offer exchanges, unless the wrong item was shipped to you. If this does happen please let us know and we will fix the problem. We are such a small team and thank you for understanding!!

Can I return my item if I don't like it?

  • You will like it! We do not offer returns as items are often made specifically for you.

My item arrived damaged- will you ship me a new one?

  • In order to provide you with a new print, you must ship the old one back to me. You will pay shipping for the damaged item to be returned. Rachel Pohl Art is not responsible for lost or stolen items, but if the item as been damaged DURING SHIPPING I will almost certainly be able to send you a new one.